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Peura Log Homes Ltd is a leading manufacturer of log houses, in line with Finland's old traditions in sturdy wood constructions. The management of our company has over 20 years experience in the wood-processing industry, and our head office and factory with modern production lines are situated in Reisjärvi, central Finland.

Peura Log Homes Ltd manufactures unique and individual log houses both to the domestic market and export. Our main export markets are Germany and  Japan, but Peura log houses have been delivered also to Holland, England and France. Our experience in export is as firm as in the domestic markets. Both in manufacturing and designing, we use the latest technology and make continuous efforts to develop in order to to be able to offer our customers better and unique log houses.

Our production range is quite large from bigger houses to smaller holiday cabins and saunas. To meet clients´wishes we produce also totally custom designed houses. The wood material we use is of highest possible quality, either laminated or massive log from renewable sources, and we have several dimensions from which to choose.

Peura log houses fit in well with the surrounding nature, in urban areas, as well as in the countryside. From our collection you can choose the model that better fits your needs. Or you can design your dream home yourself and let us manufacture it for you. Also, it is possible to modify our basic designs in order to meet your family needs, and our skilled personnel will help you all the way.

Peura houses are an ecological and healthy choice. Wood being an hygroscopic and insulating material, breathes, resulting in optimal air humidity and temperature inside the house. The indoor air is clean and healthy and the heating costs are low. This is one of the reasons why log is a very competitive construction material and a log house maintains its value for decades. In Scandinavia, where log houses are highly appreciated, there is an old saying "if you want to be healthy, live in a wooden house". And they were right.


PEURA LOG HOMES LTD is searching for suitable partners interested in importing and/or distributing our quality homes. These companies should be ideally situated in Europe and Japan.

We would expect our future partners to have some experience within the sector of wood constructions and be dynamic representatives in their respective countries.

Please do let us know of your interest and we will gladly respond with more information.