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Log profiles

Peura log houses are manufactured with high quality wood raw material harvested from arctic regions, either from laminated or planed log.

Below you can see the different profiles and dimensions of the logs we use.

Choose a house made of laminated logs, they donīt split as much as massive logs and provide extremely stable and strong constructions.

The very hard "heartwood" is always on the outer surface of the log, meaning that it will split 80% less than normal planed solid logs.

Peura Talot Ltd uses Swiss made Purbond PUR-glue for glueing the laminated logs. PUR-glue is formaldehyd-free and the glue seam allows moisture transfer, in other words it lets the wood breath. Lamination adds strength to the log, with a glue seam adding the equivalent strength of an extra 25mm wood thickness. The dried glue seam is completely non-toxic and colourless.

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