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Peura Models

PEURA LOG HOUSE modified as you want

We invite you to choose your own quality Peura model. If instead you want a house with your own touch just design it yourself and send us the plans. Also, if you need the assistance of our professional designers, they will gladly help you.

Now, let yourself be charmed by our unique and individual log houses and by the tranquil atmosphere they create.

Log houses

Modify our standard models as you want. We shall help you all the way and together we can make the dream home you have always wanted. Our designers use the latest 3D-design technology.

Holiday houses

Remember that you can make any changes to all of our models or order a totally custom made cabin.

Saunas & sheds

If you are a sauna lover you can order from us an ordinary sauna or a very original smoke sauna. Different types and sizes of sheds and garden cabins are also available.


Peura Talot Ltd also manufactures garages and car shelters. If you are planning to build a garage or a car shelter, don´t hesitate to let us know. Peura garage and car shelters are perfect to protect your car and store any extra equipment. än.

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